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Bob's Cool Zone (Jac's Domain Test Site)

Here is what this Site is about!

About this page
Favorite Links
Contact Me
Jac's Domain Network

This is the INFO page for this sample site, which is NOT part of the example.

So you kinda get the idea so far, just some stuff you like and mabye links. Hope fully after you do all that, you will add a oage about the Jac's Domain Network, just a little about my site (mabey copy past the opening comment about the community) and a chat and the Forum link. That little page is really all this sample is supposed to point out, but also, if you really wanted ideas, that too.

Tripod vs Free Webs (and 50 Megs):
Tripod can be Hard if you decide to use basic HTML, but if you know how to use it, or look it up on the web, then you can make your site how you want it. If you use their basic editor, It is still a little more complicated then Free Webs. Free Webs is REALLY simple, but has a little less coustomization. And 50 Megs, well I don't know too much about them, but they give you 50 Megs of room, which is alot, and is recommended for sites with big files.

Ideas for what your site is about:

Perosnal Art
Personal Movies
Favorite Links
About You
Your Homeade Programs
Good Game Sites
Personal Reviews
Or whatever you think!!!

If you're wondering what this is, go to Jac's Domain at to find out.